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RNGTool Plus

An cross-platform desktop app that generates random numbers.

Platform(s): macOS, Linux, Windows (WIP)

macOS: Xcode providing at least Swift 5.5, and GTK+ 4 libraries

Linux: At least Swift 5.5, and GTK+ 4 libraries

Windows: Coming soon (supports Windows in theory but not in practice yet)


RNGTool Plus is our cross-platform desktop port of RNGTool and also allows you to generate random numbers through various customizable modes. It's written in Swift and uses SwiftCrossUI to create a GTK+ 4 interface compatible with all desktop platforms. RNGTool Plus is currently in a much earlier state than RNGTool for Apple platforms, so expect missing or broken features to be improved upon in the future!

Modes currently included:

Number Mode: Generate a single random number using only a minimum and maximum number. This is the simplest way to generate numbers.

Dice Mode: Roll up to 6 6-sided dice, with dice icons to show your rolls.

Card Mode: Draw up to 7 playing cards. You can optionally have the point values of each card displayed, with the Ace being either 1 or 11 points.

Marble Mode: Generate up to 5 random letters using marbles. This is still a work in progress as shape drawing currently does not exist in SwiftCrossUI, so a list of letters is provided instead.