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An app for Apple platforms that generates random numbers.

Platform(s): macOS, iOS, watchOS

macOS: At least macOS 11.3

iOS: At least iOS 15 and a sideloading tool

watchOS: An up-to-date watch with an iPhone on at least iOS 15


RNGTool is a macOS, iOS and watchOS app used to generate random numbers through various customizable modes.

Modes currently included:

Number Mode: Generate a single random number using only a minimum and maximum number. This is the simplest way to generate numbers.

Dice Mode: Roll up to 6 (2 on Apple Watch) 6-sided dice, featuring dice icons showing your rolls.

Card Mode: Draw 7 playing cards. You can optionally have the point values of each card displayed, with the Ace being either 1 or 11 points.

Marble Mode: Generate up to 5 random letters using marbles.