Your local [anything] dev.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm NinjaCheetah, a developer and the creator of NCX Programming. I make programs in C, and have made some programs in C# in the past. I'm a huge supporter of free and open source software, which is why everything I make it open source. I mostly use Linux for things like gaming, and macOS for development. Other than programming, I play a lot of video games (Portal 2 and Minecraft are definitely my most-played) and I do some 3D modeling from time to time.

I love to tinker with anything computer related and try my best to not break things in the process. If I do, I seem to always choose the most crude method of fixing whatever I've broken (like the laptop keyboard whose ribbon cable is held in by a chunk of plastic and pressure from the keyboard clips).

I'm also known to express my strong opinions on tech stuff when provoked 😅. As a result of my strong preference for FOSS, privacy and decentralization, I'm very anti-Microsoft and anti-Google. My thoughts on Apple are devided, because they have at least some respect for your privacy (yeah yeah call me a fanboy whatever). Yes I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I hold an account with all these companies and rely on Discord for communication. I'm working on it.