Stylizing The Site



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So as you've probably noticed if you got this far on the site, we've finally added CSS. For a while (from the start of the website on January 29th, actually) it became a joke of sorts that this site had absolutely no styling. That was mainly because of how annoying CSS can be, and also how bad my other site that uses CSS looks. Editor's note: this article was written before NinjaCheetah overhauled his site in 2022.

What started me off on making this site look better was some free time I had during school just yesterday. I decided to open GIMP and just see if I could create some sort of banner. It ended up coming out really good (in my opinion at least) so I added it to the website. From there, I decided to try and add the nav bar I used on my old site to this one, but this time actually make it look good. From there, I didn't like that the banner and nav bar used Sans-Serif but the body used Times New Roman, so more CSS it was! Eventually, with the help of IanSkinner1982, we managed to get the banner and nav bar to stretch to the edges of the screen which greatly improved how it looked. All I did after that was add the GitHub and Discord link icons, and it was done! (also for the record I have no idea if this is in chronological order)

I woke up this morning and had an idea: more banners! So I created banners for the Programs page and the Members page, which both also came out pretty good (again, in my opinion at least). So for now, I think that just about wraps up our website "renovation". We will of course still add new things, but there shouldn't be any major changes coming soon.

Sorry for the short article, but I felt like it would be better to at least say something about it than nothing.